Breweries News — 20 April 2011
Tap of the Week: Mission Shipwrecked Double IPA

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It’s about time a brewery called downtown San Diego home. Above: Mission Brewery has taken over the historic Wonderbread building on 14th and L. Photos courtesy

Craft beer is slowly but steadily infiltrating downtown San Diego, between the growing number of bars and restaurants offering impressive taps and original events, to last month’s unveiling of Mission Brewery’s new East Village digs. Is downtown finally on its way to dethroning North Park as the craftiest beer neighborhood in San Diego proper?

All signs point to “highly likely,” considering the new occupants of 14th and L’s historic Wonderbread building. Besides brewing, bottling, packaging, pouring and selling their brews, the minds behind Mission envision its 3,000 square foot tasting room (the largest in San Diego) as the eventual site for craft beer festivals, conferences, and private parties showcasing the local craft. Its vast space (a 1 acre lot with 56,000 square feet total) has all the makings of a craft beer hall for San Diego, eventually with its own restaurant, possible food truck events, sporting events, and more.

If you haven’t been to the new Mission Brewery, its architecture and space pairs nicely with all 5 beers on tap, each $5 a pop ($7 for Shipwrecked). Above: behold the original Wonderbread grain silo built in 1924. The 16-foot wide 40-foot tall steel silo is being refurbished to work with Mission’s grain system.

For this edition of Tap of the Week, we recommend trying Mission Brewery’s Shipwrecked Imperial IPA. At 9.25% ABV, this beer isn’t for the faint of taste buds; caramel malts mingle with an abundant citrus, pine and spicy hop character that’s distinctively double IPA.

You know you’re close when you see this. Above: Follow the sign.

Hours of operation are Thursday-Sunday 3-8pm. During Padres home games, the brewery opens its doors 2 hours before the game until 8pm. There’s no growler fill just yet, but Mission fans can purchase bottles to-go.

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  • RayRay

    I followed the sign today, and got “sh_t-faced” on Shipwreck…great powerful beer, all you need is one pint recommended, but bottles can go home.

  • RayRay