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Tap of the Week: Athletic Supporters Recommended

Above: At Blind Lady Ale House, one of the many lines that formed this season as hop-headed beer geeks waited for a glass of Pliny the Younger, a triple IPA by Russian River Brewing Company. The 4x dry hopped Pliny has an A+ rating on Beer Advocate, is citrusy, piney, sticky and has a faint unicorn aftertaste. More on the race to drink Pliny the Younger, below. Photo courtesy

Re-lace your running shoes, do an inventory-check of sports bras and/or jockstraps, and most important– hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Why? Because is announcing its first ever sporting event: Running of the Beer Geeks. That’s why!

What in the craft beer world could possibly drive the geeks to run wild in the streets, stampede watering holes, and spend countless hours in the quest to consume a rare, frosty glassful? Just a little HUGE beer called Pliny the Younger.

The beer is released every February, supplies are limited, and naturally, it runs out quick. In Santa Rosa where it’s brewed, hop heads old and new line up for their rare taste of the triple IPA (11%ABV); here in San Diego, where tastebuds gravitate toward beefy IPAs, the pandemonium runs just as rampant. There are lines, camping, Twitter leaks and one local bar even banned the use of cellphones while Pliny was on tap.

Needless to say, we’re excited to announce where you can drink Pliny the Younger this week in San Diego. We’ve hunted down what’s likely the last keg of the season, and will tell you just hours before where to get it, so make sure you follow on Twitter, and use our web and mobile technologies, of course.

Important message: does not endorse craft beer-driven stampedes, so please respect the locale once we announce it. You are, however, encouraged to sprint there.

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