News — 22 February 2012
New Team Member At Tap Hunter

The year 2012 brings with it a mountain of exciting changes for In addition to our new jobs board, Tap Hunter is expanding the team with brewing industry expert Katie Barnes. Katie made her way to craft beer mecca San Diego by way of South Carolina with a long history in the business. She served as Sales and Marketing Director at Thomas Creek Brewery in SC for 7 years before moving to San Diego to assume the role of Marketing Director at Coronado Brewing Co. Now working in Business Development for Tap Hunter, Katie expects to thrive as a key player in the craft beer revolution at the San Diego headquarters.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science from Clemson University, Katie found a natural home in the sales world and then her true calling in the devoted industry of craft beer. She dove in head first at Thomas Creek in 2004 and developed a wealth of knowledge in the craft beer business as well as a deep admiration and zeal for the microbrewery culture.

“A long time ago, my friends and colleagues in the brewing industry turned me into a lifelong student of beer. I live by the notion that once craft beer gets into your blood you are changed forever. And at this point I probably have pure hops running through my veins!

At Tap Hunter, I eagerly look forward to driving more customers to the front doors of our partners, contributing thought-provoking online content,  and offering perspective on behind the scenes industry insight.”

You can expect to see Katie out and about at beer tastings, festivals and networking events all over town. Her passion is connecting beer lovers, beer brewers and beer servers, so she’ll be just about everywhere there’s great beer!

Katie’s all-time favorite beers:

-Bell’s Brewery- Two-Hearted Ale

-Foothills Brewing- Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout

-Thomas Creek Brewery- Deep Water Dopplebock

(Katie’s secret East Coast stash of these beers is running low! How about making it to the West Coast guys?!?)

-Ballast Point Brewing- Sculpin IPA

-Brasserie d’ Achouffe- Houblon Chouffe

-Brasserie Dupont- Saison Dupont

-Iron Fist Brewing- Spice of Life

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  • Adelegaryh

    Looks and sounds like a great addition to Tap Hunter!

    • TapHunterBlog

      It’s only been 3 weeks and Katie is rocking it!