News — 14 April 2011
More Craft Beer for Pacific Beach


From The Sip over at San Diego Magazine, we learned of a new craft beer establishment opening in Pacific Beach. Story by Candice Woo. Photo by Melani Gordon.

New York and Philadelphia’s signature foods—pizza and cheese steak, respectively—are being brought together under one roof, thanks to craft beer.

Pacific Beach’s Olde City Grill, whose cheese steaks are made with American Kobe-style Wagyu beef and Amoroso rolls flown in from Philly, is partnering with Ciro’s Pizzeria from the Gaslamp to open a new pizzeria and beerhouse in their grill’s current Garnet Avenue location.

Ciro’s Pizzeria & Beerhouse (967 Garnet Avenue) will be a blend of the two eatery’s menus, serving up the aforementioned cheese steaks and the thin crust pizzas that Ciro’s is known for. There’ll be more than 22 tap handles, including a good amount of craft beer from San Diego and beyond. It’s set to open on April 17 with a ’5 for $10′ special; any five-item food/drink combination can be ordered for $10.

This new spot is a welcome craft beer addition to the beach community, joining Pacific Beach AleHouse, The Tap Room and the Pacific Beach Fish Shop in providing flavorful alternatives to the fizzy yellow stuff.

Okay, now. Who’s psyched for the new Ciro’s?

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  • RayRay

    Stupendous! I hope Ciro’s adds a lot of local Brewery Craft Beers!