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Stars up above you, the frogs and crickets singing away behind you, a classic movie in front of you, and in your hand, your favorite beer. Sounds magical, doesn’t it? Indeed it is. So bring lawn chairs and blankets, grab a beer and join us at the Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens every Wednesday night for the 2009 series of Stone Late Night Movies! Each week throughout the summer, movies are projected onto a twelve foot wide screen located in our garden. Make yourself comfy and settle in down on the grass for a fabulous night of great food, great beer and great movie watching!

A few tips: Not all, but some shows can fill up to the maximum allowable capacity. A good strategy we’ve seen people doing is making reservations 2 hours early, putting their chairs or blankets out when they arrive and then enjoying a dinner up in the restaurant before the movie. If you don’t have time for sitting down with us, you can still arrive early to stake out a spot and visit the movie night bar. It is setup across the bridge with Stone Beers on tap, Ethiopian Coffee, Mexican Spiced Hot Cocoa, Breakfast Burritos and Mac ‘n Beer Cheese.


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